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Scorpio Stone is working directly with contractors to utilize some of the most efficient systems on the market today. We are excited to announce that we are looking into alternative means of anchoring stone to make it even more labour efficient and cost effective.

There are 4 main ways to anchor stone to a building:

1. Mortar/Chemical Bond

Mortar/chemical bond application is when thin veneer is bonded to the building through the use of engineered mortar or a chemical adhesive applied to the substrate of the building.
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2. Load Bearing

A load bearing application can be used when utilizing stone is more cost effective and the structural support of the foundation and structure can hold large loads in a concentrated area. Each panel is directly loaded on top of one anchor and the load is carried to either the foundation of the building or directly to concrete/steel structure of the building through ledger angle.
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3. Singular Loading

Singular loading can be used when each individual stone elements' load is directly taken by the backup structure of the building. This is best suited for rigid backup walls but can also be done with high gauge steel studs.
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4. Singular Track Loading

A singular track loading application is used when either a horizontal or vertical exoskeleton or curtain wall like structure is setup prior to the installation of stone, which gives a perfectly plumb and level surface to easily hang stone elements. This can either take the load or disburse it through the backup wall or setup to allow loading on the foundation and structural supports much like the load bearing application.
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Creating the Anchor

11 factors go into creating the anchor to fit each unique application:

  1. Stone Dimension
  2. Structural backup wall
  3. Cavity size
  4. Anchor application
  5. Joint Size
  6. Height of facade
  7. Loading Dynamics
  8. Design Criteria specified
  9. Local Building Codes
  10. Stone characteristics
  11. Building Envelope

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